Sprang top

I have been playing with sprang lace patterns, which has resulted in a sprang top! I am very happy with this new top.

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A Tribute to Margaret

My fiber friend Margaret has passed away recently. To honour her life there is a CKAL (crochet and knitting along) at the IFFF (International Freeform Forum) at Ravelry. I have joined this CKAL and used a piece of lace sprang for the background. The flowers and leaves are from a pattern which is designed by Margaret. I added two flirds (flower-birds), using parts of the pattern of the flowers. More about this at my project page at Ravelry.

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Window panels

In the last few weeks I have been working at some window panels for my new museum. I have used sprang for this as well as some other techniques (mainly crochet). 

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