Sprang and embroidery

Sprang and embroidery is a lovely combination with lots of possibilities.
Just a simple plain background of sprang will do the job. But you can also choose to make a sprang with holes (regular or not) and you can even use your less succesful samples of sprang for this.

The easiest way to embroider your sprang is doing it while the sprang is still stretched in the frame.
In the sample at the picture I did not finish my sprang at the normal way, but I used the embroidery to finish the sprang. Every time I passed the middle I picked up some of the stitches, so that in the end all the stitches were secured. I did the same with the stitches at the top and bottom part of the sprang.
When you have secured all the stitches this way, you can just pull the safetycord and the top and bottom cord out, when you have finished the embroidery.


Sprang with Finnish paper yarn and the "locker hook"
The locker hook is a crochet hook and a needle in one tool. At You Tube you can find multiple video's about how to work with this tool.
I started with a simple hole pattern in sprang with some twining threads.
This time I have choosen some beautiful Finnish paper yarns to work with. Especially the thicker ones are not very easy to work with, but I like the firmness of the material.
After finishing the sprang part I left the sprang in the frame and started working with the locker hook. During the work with the locker hook most of the threads in the safetycord were secured. Before removing the safetycord I also secured the last remaining threads. 

I have worked in a very freeform way with the locker hook. I used strips of fabric,
bold yarn with some structure and crocheted garlands with leaves for this. To show part of the sprang with the paper yarn I left the upper side free.