Embellishing sprang

You can add to your sprang by adding pearls or scraps of fabric.
I was inspired by the book "Piccolienbreien" which I found in the thrift store.
This small book about using scraps of fabric in knitting, is written by Jeannette Knake and the original book is in german: Piccolin-Stricken.
I really liked the look of it in knitting, but of course I wanted to try it in sprang...

So I have experimented a bit with scraps of lace fabric, added to the thread before putting it at the frame. While framing the sprang, I divided the scraps of lace fabric over the threads, so that each front or back thread contained at least 1 scrap of fabric. Of course it is also possible to use beads instead.

After each row of sprang I carefully pushed some scraps of fabric to the top or bottom part, just as I liked.
I turned my work after each row of sprang to take care of the bottom part too.
I have used this black dimensional piece of sprang in the Raven I made for my fairytale for Feathers and dragons.

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