My You Tube Channel Sprangria
At my You Tube Channel Sprangria you can find some basic video's about sprang and my combination of sprang and other techniques. 

Krosienky Sprang
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At this very inspirational website you can find a lot of information about sprang and a description of how to make a sprang bag, from begin to end.
In the gallery you can find a lot of inspiration for other possible projects with sprang.

Sprang and textile art of Chieko Aihara
At the website of Chieko Aihara you can find very inspirational, artistic and experimental works of sprang and other textile techniques. She has also her own You Tube channel (link at her website).

Sprang lady (Carol James)
Carol James is another very inspiring sprang artist. There is a lot to see at her website.
Just have a look at her page Sprang....


SolRhiza Arts (Jaime Bennett)

At this website you can find a lot of information on modern sprang, including some patterns and instructional video’s. Also have a look at the School for Sprang and other video’s at the You Tube channel of Solrhiza Arts.


The art of sprang (Sharon Wichman)

And here is still another very inspiring website. I very much like Sharon’s labyrinths in double cloth sprang.

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