Manipulating the form 
In freeform sprang manipulating the form of sprang is a great solution to get interesting forms. The flexibility of the sprang makes it possible to manipulate with ease. However it takes some experience to  get the results that you want.

I like to have more round forms in my work and by trial and error I discovered that you can make these forms even from a normal rectangular piece of sprang.

At the picture below you see a rectangular piece of sprang that was done at a small frame and manipulated by knitting. To get more stretch, making holes in the sprang is very useful. When the sprang part was finished, I started knitting at the top and bottom part. In the first row I duplicated the number of stitches, knitting front and back of each stitch.
In the next 2 rows I used extra long lace stitches. In the third row I also knitted top and bottom together at one side (see picture). In the last row I used picot knitting to finish. At one side I crocheted the sides together and then I crocheted a chain which I pulled through the middle of the sprang and then secured with a few stitches.

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